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The Hippopotamus Movie Story Overview

Stephen Fry’s novel adaptation, “The Hippopotamus,” not only showcases the writer’s perspectives and temperament but also serves as a testament to his brilliance, his unabashed irreverence, and his unrelenting cynicism.

Directed by John Jencks, “The Hippopotamus” mesmerizes with its cleverly crafted dialogue, but it is the caustic and hilariously introspective inner monologue of the protagonist, Ted Wallace (played by Roger Allam), that truly steals the show. Wallace, a bloated, cantankerous, scornful, derisive, outspoken, misanthropic, skeptical, pessimistic alcoholic poet, has long ceased to produce any noteworthy work. Nevertheless, he manages to offend everyone around him while embodying the archetypal washed-up detective, tinged with the air of a has-been bard. Yet, it is his razor-sharp verbal quips that leave an indelible mark.

The film commences with a disheveled Wallace being unceremoniously expelled from a theater, his diatribes aimed at the actors he is reviewing. Subsequently, he insults his boss (played by Russell Tovey) and finds himself jobless. This scene serves as a catalyst for a new adventure, as Wallace’s explosive outburst becomes the gateway to unforeseen circumstances. Nursing his resentments at a local bar, he encounters his ex-girlfriend’s daughter (portrayed by Emily Berrington), who hires him as a peculiar detective, sending him to the estate of some old acquaintances (Matthew Modine and Fiona Shaw). The mission is vague, as Wallace is instructed to uncover the truth without being told what exactly he is searching for. Frustrated, he muses, “How can one investigate ‘nothing in particular’? It’s akin to enlisting Sherlock Holmes when no crime has been committed.” However, astute viewers can deduce that the mystery revolves around rumors of miraculous healing.

The Hippopotamus Movie Trailer

True to the tradition of British detective stories, “The Hippopotamus” unfolds within the confines of a manor house, populated by eccentric characters. Here, Wallace embodies a whiskey-swilling, sneering, and literary Inspector Clouseau. Describing the affluent setting as a place filled with “tight-ass bourgeois and nervous bohemians,” Wallace directs his attention towards his godson (Tommy Knight). It is soon revealed that the teenager possesses the potential for healing powers, but the plot swiftly takes unexpected turns, unearthing darker possibilities.

The writing in this film is remarkable, the characterizations outstanding, and the acting superb. Set against the backdrop of the picturesque English countryside and an elegant stately home, complemented by lush and precise cinematography, the movie would be

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The Hippopotamus Movie Cast,Director,Producer,Writer

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