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Run Rabbit Run Movie Story Review

The genre of horror has long found inspiration in the topic of motherhood, giving rise to some of its most gripping and chilling narratives. From classics like “Rosemary’s Baby” to recent hits like “The Babadook,” there is an inherent sense of fear in witnessing one’s beloved child succumbing to evil forces or grappling with the realization that parenthood exposes us to the many horrors of the world and beyond. In Daina Reid’s latest film, “Run Rabbit Run,” the character of Sarah, a fertility doctor played by Sarah Snook, confronts these tensions head-on when her precocious seven-year-old daughter, Mia (portrayed by Lilly Latore), claims to be Alice, Sarah’s long-lost sister who vanished at the same age.

Reid’s ghostly tale employs seemingly innocuous objects to accentuate the film’s pervasive unease. Mia introduces a white fluffy rabbit into their lives, becoming fixated on it to the point of crafting a self-made pink rabbit mask. The bunny, named Rabbit, hops ominously through the house, foreshadowing the impending malevolence. When Sarah tries to dispose of Rabbit, it bites her, marking the beginning of a series of injuries that will plague her as she delves into the memories of her missing sister, her strained relationship with her mother Joan (played by Greta Scacchi), and the recent loss of her father. The film’s central conflict revolves around the complex dynamic between Sarah and Mia, but it also explores the fraught connection between Sarah and her mother, resulting in a cycle of guilt stemming from childhood transgressions and a constant feeling of inadequacy as a parent.

Rabbit is not the sole source of disquiet in Hannah Kent’s screenplay. Through Sarah’s narrative, Kent skillfully portrays the protagonist’s fragile state even before inexplicable events take place. Sarah is navigating a divorce and the challenges of co-parenting with her ex-husband, Pete (portrayed by Damon Herriman), who has moved on to start a new family. Furthermore, Sarah must contend with the recent passing of her father, with his belongings still accumulating in her garage, waiting to be sorted through. The ominous presence of her mother, who is losing her memories to dementia, further adds to Sarah’s overwhelming circumstances. As Mia’s issues escalate, Sarah initially strives to be the strong and responsible parent, but eventually finds herself self-destructing in the process, inadvertently harming Mia.

In a captivating departure from her well-known role as Shiv Roy in “Succession,” Snook brings a maternal sense of compassion and duty to her character. She exhibits attentiveness and affection rarely seen before. Sarah’s composed and collected demeanor gradually erodes in the face of uncertainty and mounting stress. Snook’s portrayal of Sarah’s care for Mia resonates deeply, and their bond is palpable from the film’s opening scene, where the mother wakes her daughter with a birthday gift. LaTorre’s expressive eyes shift from confusion and fear when she inexplicably bleeds to burning rage as she vehemently claims to be Alice. However, in moments of clarity, LaTorre’s Mia seeks solace in Snook’s embrace, establishing their strong connection early on, which sets the stage for the impending loss once Rabbit enters their lives.

Sarah’s descent into madness mirrors the haunting landscape of the film’s setting in Waikerie, Australia. Vast horizons swept by winds, imposing cliffs, stormy clouds hovering over lush green hills, flocks of birds soaring above her childhood home, and trees sprouting from

Run Rabbit Run Producer,Cast,Writer,Director

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